How to Sideload

So you want to sideload?

Sometimes we release versions that fix particular issues, but, working with the Android Markets, we've found a one to two hour delay after we've made a change for it to become available.

Sideloading is a little disconcerting at first, but, really isn't too difficult.

Android Instructions

Install from Unknown Sources
Menu, Settings, Applications, Check the box that says Unknown Sources. You are still receiving a signed app, but, since it isn't coming from the market, Android will reject it.
Install APK Installer
APK Installer lets you browse your SD card and install .apk files from the SD card.
Download the app from: Snap.apk
This is where the app will be - we will keep the current released version here, but, beta releases may also be placed here. When in doubt, install from the market.
Install the app
Browse your SD card, find the app, and install it.

iPhone Instructions

Request an invite
We use to manage beta testing. As a result we need to have the system send out an invite and you need to verify your phone.Once that is done, you will start getting notifications of new builds.

What is the process like for iPhone?

Once you request an invite, here's what happens. Once you've received the first build, when new builds are available you are notified but we don't need to go through the process. So, if you are requesting access to the iPhone beta, this gives you a little insight into the process.
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